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You have landed on a page of two people who specialize in helping small businesses. Because of our unique combination of skills, we are able to provide effective strategies and solutions to help solve your unique business needs.

Golden Point Solutions- Introduction

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Success is a combination of meticulous planning, a great deal of preparation, flawless execution, and previous experience.

We believe we can solve any problem

I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.

― Abraham Maslow




How is it possible that some people struggle to confront any difficulty encountered while others appear to be breeze through the life effortlessly? The answer is simple ― they focus on the solution rather than the problem, and of course ― they put in a hell of a lot of work. Are we rocket scientists? No, but we can team up with one and solve any problem.


Problem solving is a way of thinking. Any problem can be decomposed, analyzed and resolved. The difficult part isn’t finding a solution since there are likely to be many solutions available. The key to the best possible result is finding a balance between the desired result and the resources that are available.


Our background lies in IT, marketing and coaching services, but any problem is worth our attention. With a vast contact network and an open-minded approach to all situations, we can help you with any problem.

How we work

1 THE AUDIT Like detectives we will gather all of the evidence. We want to know the data that will be crucial helping to improve your situation – your opinions, routines, financing, communication patterns, documentation, tools-in-use, and more. Next we prepare a report which outlines the critical issues that need to be identified, any weak links, and any possible threats. The audit will require 1-2 meetings in addition to email communication.

2 ACTION PLAN All data gathered during the audit helps us to shape a draft of the Action Plan. The Action Plan represents the list of proposed solutions followed by the timeline. The timeline is critical in helping you to set you a deadline and adjust them to fit in with your daily schedule. This step requires 1 meeting and email communication.

3 CHANGE IMPLEMENTATION Now that we know what needs to be done, it’s the right time to start integrating it into your regular processes. We will not leave you with few pages of an action plan and a ‘good luck’ pat on the back.  We can provide you with a full suite of project management services to ensure proper implementation of your designed solutions. The change implementation step will require 2 meetings (additional if required ) as well as regular email communication.

Project Management

A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.

– Scott Allen

Project Management Trivia

reasons why you should hire us for project management 


1WE CAN TEACH YOU HOW TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL PROJECT SMOOTHLY. Been there, done that. From simple administrative assignments to IT support, to internationally recognizable, multi-million budget software ventures – you name it, we’ve done it. That means that we’ve had a chance to confront various types of problems while working with diverse of people on a number of different teams. We have mastered quality assurance techniques and so far, we have time and again delivered results to the companies we’ve worked with.

2 WE CAN HELP YOU TO SIMPLIFY YOUR TO-DO LIST AND GET MORE DONE USING FEVER RESOURCES. Our trick – Agile methodology. We use it on a daily basis and we’ve found them to be the most effective. Not only can it be used in software development companies, but across all types of organizations. This approach is also great for communication and change response because it keeps clients and team members informed and united.

3WE CAN TRAIN YOU TO SEE THE BIG PICTURE WHEN IT COMES TO INFORMATION SECURITY. You have a great product/project – fantastic! You are halfway through but you still need to attract the right people. We have over 10 years of experience in helping businesses to connect the dots. A major bonus of working with us comes from the fact that we’ve already been taught by some of the biggest players about how to master data protection. We take it seriously. We don’t consider it an additional feature or service. It’s a way of doing things. You never know who and when someone will try to take advantage of your know-how without permission.

Full Stack Marketing

Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.

Winston Churchill

Isn’t it obvious? – small businesses generally do not have a budget to hire an entire marketing team or agency.

How about bringing on board a full stack marketer who possesses all of the skills and can easily juggle multiple roles  at once in order to take your framework from start-up to maturity?

or …

can help you to choose the most effective tools to match for your budget and resources

3 reasons why you should make use of our full stack marketing services:

1WE CAN HELP YOU TO CREATE A MEANINGFUL AND LONG-LASTING CONNECTION WITH YOUR AUDIENCE. From the start of our partnership, we begin investigating how your client ticks. We put ourselves in their shoes and ask you numerous discovery questions to get started. That is what helps us to design a solid action plan which will generate client loyalty to your brand, ultimately making your conversions skyrocket.

2YOU WILL NOT BE FORCED TO DO “BUNDLES”. We don’t try to push the same set of services to all of our clients. We always start with a precise analysis to understand the unique need of your company, find room for improvement when it comes to your clients numbers and ROI. We understand that bundled services ARE NOT always the solution because they often bring along un-useable aspects that are not relevant to your particular business plan. As project management ‘freaks’, we do not like to see money and time being wasted. No cookie-cutter marketing here. Every company is unique and should be treated differently as such.

3WE CAN TEACH YOU HOW TO RECOGNIZE THE BEST MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES. First of all, we put a lot of emphasis on making our clients understand the process and learn how the proposed tools can improve their business. No inflated lingo, no smoke, and mirrors. We want you to be on the same page – and involved in every step along the way. We want you to start thinking about marketing the same way as we do. Last but not least – we will show you how to lose yourself to creativity. The reality is, that if you want to be noticed in the endless flood of information, you need to start thinking outside of the box.


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Meet Our Team

There are two of us at Golden Point Solutions - Gerard & Paulina. Let us give you some insight into who we are, and why working with us is the best decision you could make for your business.


  • Andrzej Partyka ― Partner at GRC Advisory

    “I have worked with Gerard on large scale project in ICT area where Gerard was one of the key project team members. I remember Gerard as a very well organized and very skilled professional. Gerard possesses vast knowledge around IT solutions supported by strong analytical skills. He was always very optimistic and proactive when he was facing new challenges on the project, always getting his assignments done. My highest recommendation.”

  • Jeff Jones ― Manufacturing and Warehousing Logistics Professional

    “I have employed Gerard’s professional consulting services with great success. He is adept at breaking problems down and organizing solutions based on solid skills in multiple disciplines. His action plans are detailed and achievable, and he is competent and effective in coaching you toward the best possible solution. Gerard’s motto is “I am a problem solver!” and I can certainly attest to that.”

  • James Garry ― Owner, Chief Scientist at Red Core Consulting Ltd

    “I had the pleasure of working with Ms Pietrykiewicz during the preparation of our marketing strategy for my company Red Core Consulting. She has demonstrated a excellent accuracy and diligence in her approach to work and I am happy to recommend her.”

  • Paweł Kopeć ― International Contracts Coordinator at Randstad Polska

    “I had a pleasure of working with Paulina at Polish literature promotion project in Canada. She came up with this innovative idea to promote Polish authors abroad through bookcrossing movement. Paulina executed the whole project perfectly. It proved to be a great success – it was acclaimed by senior Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials and covered by the media.”

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New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

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