Agile Mastermind Group

“…The lone wolf dies, the pack survives…”

–Sansa Stark, Game of Thrones

Welcome to Agile Mastermind Group!


The group was born in September 2016 as a successful experiment on motivation and goal setting and planning. One year later we decided to open up to the public.

If you need extra support to help achieve your goals or you simply feel lonely while doing it, this group is for you!

Setting and Planning Your Goals

When you decide to become a member of the Agile Mastermind, we will equip you with “Goal Setting and Planning” handbook – the time management guide which will help you to achieve measurable results faster. The next step is setting short-term goals. They should be achievable within two weeks’ time, considering your daily schedule and other responsibilities. 

We highly advise starting with something small and achievable such as committing yourself to a 20-minute task, four days per week. This way you gradually grow your stamina without demotivating yourself from work overload.

Duration and The Meeting Formula


Each two-week interval (called a “sprint”) ends up with a retrospective and future planning meeting.  We meet every other Sunday evening to discuss questions like:

We then plan the next two weeks by setting two new goals. Each meeting is approximately 2 hours long. We try to keep it on point, focused and well organized so everyone has an equal opportunity to talk. To learn more about the meeting formula click here –

What if I need extra help or advice?

For extra support, we can connect with other members of the group throughout the sprint using our Slack channel or by a phone call.

Extra Motivation

To keep team members accountable and better motivated we use the Carrot and Stick method. Each member assigns themselves a reward or punishment. The rewards and punishments are up to the individual. Obviously, this is within a reasonable range and without sabotaging their future goals.

Join the team and achieve what you always wanted to achieve! Book your spot!