Only New Year Resolution You Will Ever Need

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Let me ask you a question (No, it’s not about joining the gym, or going on a diet this New Year).

Would you rather work with someone, who:

  • Complaints during each conversation and criticizes others;
  • Makes drama about small things;
  • Easily gives up and makes excuses;
  • Doesn’t have hobbies and interest because it requires effort and time;
  • Gossips behind people’s back and blames others;
  • Stays stuck in bad habits;


With someone, who:

  • Gives constructive criticism, and tries to find good sides of each situation;
  • Stays focused and persistent with his or her goals;
  • Grows his/her passions, and is enthusiastic about the learning process;
  • Accepts peoples’ differences and doesn’t judge them;
  • Puts time and effort to overcome behaviors, that have a bad impact on his or her life?

I guess the answer is simple, so here comes my advice for you (and for myself).

Be the person you would like to work with.  Be your own colleague.

This could be a New Year resolution or a long term goal. Why this approach works, even though, it feels so comprehensive?

There are three reasons to give a try to this method.

It gives you an opportunity to be a better coworker.

Do you behave towards people the same way you want them to behave towards you? Are you aware of these flaws that drive other people crazy? Look at yourself from others people perspective and improve your empathy.

It helps you to gain a perspective towards yourself.

You basically start thinking about yourself in a third person. It’s very refreshing and powerful at the same time. What I’ve noticed about myself during the exercise, while considering myself as “she” rather than as “me”- I tend to get less emotional and more realistic. Off course it doesn’t mean, I’ve completely switched to “Simon says’ mode. I use the third person approach mainly for a work and education. Also, the dynamic of my actions has significantly improved. I’ve become more focused and effective.

Some people have a tendency to be really hard on themselves and compare with others. When you start thinking about yourself as a “separate being”, the emotional baggage is not that important anymore.

It expands your horizons and creativity.

Have you ever put yourself in someone’s else shoes? How about finding a different way of solving a problem? What your role model would do? You can incorporate all these questions into the process of thinking about yourself in a third person. It gives you a feeling that, you are capable of much more than ever before. You are not limited to the old paths of thinking. You can become a better version of yourself by being able to change the angle of your perception.

Whenever I have problems with my motivation, I always watch the movie Limitless. Eddie Morra – the protagonist is a struggling, unemployed author. An old friend gives him a pill that significantly improves his mental powers. Of course, in reality (not yet!) we don’t have super drugs, that enhance our brain acuity to such extent, as described in the movie. Nevertheless, it’s fascinating to see the process of an instant change. The main character becomes so swift with his perception, that we almost can see him as completely separate being. There is no time for procrastination.

The conclusion is that we are in charge of our productivity. The tricky part – it’s often much easier to tell others what to do, rather than ourselves. With the third person approach, you can try to combine those two things together. Give it a try. Just for one day, be the person, you want to work with. Be your own colleague.

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